tomorrow when you wake up, then you’ll show them.

It's funny how sometimes even the slightest change can rekindle a flame. These last few weeks I have felt creatively meh. Bored. Uninspired. As if I'm just going through the motions, despite new customers, and new ideas and potential. Limitless potential. Sometimes it's just so refreshing to go through the last of the boxes. I'm feeling very minimalist at the moment.

I want to stay up for days on end and make things. To turn the ideas in my head into something that I can also hold in my hands.

Venus sent me a book as a treat for being a craft-off winner. Bazaar bizarre is a punk-rock craft collection.....perfect for funky crafting. Perfect for staying in in the winter. Winter has always felt like it should be about art, anyway.

PS - I am loving Inara George. Her music makes me want to dance around the living room in my socks, on my tippytoes, with wine and candles in the twilight.

PPS - don't forget - Into The Fold at the Aloha Wednesday night!