i heart snow

a little bit of stuff to tide you over until we can all dig our way out of the snow:

  • apparently, I am becoming quite the media magnet....now they don't even *tell* me when I'm going to make the paper. for those of you in ottawa, I somehow managed to glom my way into the tech weekly section of the Ottawa Citizen....again. it's not online, but you can catch a glimpse of my very messy desk on page f4 (boy do I wish I had had a photo veto!). thanks david, for the heads up!!
  • In other media news, Venus finally posted my guitar strap tutorial online. Have fun with it!
  • Swoon: Scandinavian Surface...sticky things for your walls!
  • I am currently reading "Julie & Julia" and am totally inspired to both make more food, all the time, and stop eating meat altogether. She cooks brains and kills live lobsters. Agh!!
  • Mel pointed me to this great montreal scene profile on BBC Radio 1 (click on "Listen Live" and then "Montreal or Bust" in the episode list. It's full of love for the casa, the sala, barfly, etc. etc. and the bands...oh the (arcade fire, wolf parade, stars, dears, godspeed) bands! I heart montreal. HEART HEART HEART.
  • Speaking of bands...Brett's band Into The Fold plays the Aloha next Wednesday....January 11th. Come out and have a few drinks!
  • Rebecca MacKinnon weighs in on why we should all care that microsoft is censoring chinese bloggers on msn spaces. I'm currently trying to figure out how to most easily blog from china....so this is interesting reading for me. It's kind of unrelated to my issues (which are more access than censorship) but I find it startling how easily companies will stomp on people's rights to communicate openly. Ugh censorship.
  • The lovely Seripop has redesigned Montreal Shows. Conveniently, Seripop's original "Wolf Parade" poster also graces the walls of my living room. I love screenprinting!
  • One of my neighbours has been toting the same old clawfoot tub around in his truck for the last few days. Why the bathtub tour? Last night it was full of snow...time for a coldbath?