up up and away

I love fostering cats. I love bringing new ones home and getting to know their unique personalities, quirks, and falling in love with them all. It's always difficult to bring home just one instead of many - not because one is less cute, but exactly the opposite. They are always the ones that you tend to invest more into, love just that little bit more, become more attached to.

After three weeks of intense hanging out (especially since we all did nothing last week but loaf), Kit went back to the OHS today. It's an awful feeling, returning a kitten you love. They never understand - you can see the fear and lonelyness and the "why don't you love me's" in their little eyes. They are, after all, just babies.

Kit was scared this morning. She had no idea why I had taken her away from her favourite sofa, from her food bowls full of gravy, or from the pillows she sleeps on over our heads every night. She mewed and mewed and hunched up at the back of the cage.

She went straight into adoptions with all of the toys I had made sure to bring along for her (mouse on stick!), and made it onto the website in short order. This was good, since I obsessively hit refresh all afternoon. No dice, no dice, no dice, she was still there.....and then....finally...adopted!

Goodbye Kit! I will miss your mischief.