another year wiser, another year luckier

so many people spend time counting down to the new year, ticking away the seconds before midnight in order to usher in another year, an unknown of memories, moments, people and circumstance. i always wait another day beyond that for any sort of countdown - one which is subtly more meaningful, or daunting, depending on your perspective of aging.

today i am another year older. though i have always been only halfheartedly into keeping track of the days, weeks and years of my life, i've made a habit these past few years of sitting back to take a look at how the last twelve months have shaped me.

this year was predominantly about observation - about being able to see intricacies, detail, to observe little things that weren't always evident to everyone around me. about rediscovering creativity. about striking out and trying something that wasn't necessarily something I could call familiar. about making myself happy.

in many ways, you might say it's been a banner year. i started my own online store, i've had my picture in the paper, in a magazine, and on the internet. i've sold my own merchandise in a local shop, at some local shows, and shipped it to places like new york, ireland, japan and around the corner. i've started to shape my own place, i have loved and been loved in return, i have taken risks, pushed myself outside of my element, made new friends.

i don't think i've ever been more creative - my head is full of ideas, and grand plans, and daydreams about colours, and designs, and the wide open potential that is every day, really. i've been making music in my head, writing stories, recordinig thoughts. I've been excited about my new (and lovely) camera, my new apartment, kittens, kisses, music, colour, and opportunity. most notably, though, I've been most excited about being happy. and content. and loved.

goodbye, old twenty-six. thank you to everyone who made it memorable. :-)