hitting the groove

i've been insanely busy lately - so busy I've routinely forgotten what day of the week it is, to lock the front door until I'm already at the bottom of the steps, how far ahead my alarm clock actually is from real time, and what it's like to sit and relax.

this weekend was a lot of learning how to remember things again (and learning how to go to bed beyond 3 am for fun, not for work). i shopped for fabric, napped in the middle of the afternoon and relaxed. It's strange how easy it sometimes is to forget how to do the things that are the most comforting.

Not much else is new, I'm afraid. Kitty is still a nameless kitty, laundry still needs to be done, my apartment needs paint, and some furniture, and I'm still not quite ready for christmas.

Things that have changed in the last month: my space, my zen, and my previously minor addiction to "fancy water" (I heart san pellegrino).

Currently, I am thinking "cool!" about this, and this, and this.

Also, blend creations christmas cards are hot. So is their steel and Washijewellery.