winter is here!

after the 40 or so centimetres of snow we got last night, even kitty (who is still nameless) is coveting my new winter gear (and yes, that *is* a cat hat and mittens).

some things:

  • I just made this banana bread. Yum.
  • Bejamin Wagner made the onion AV's list of best cover songs of 2005. Included in a list that includes The Subways, Jenny Lewis, The Donnas and Low. Fitting and wonderful - congrats!
  • Kitty lurves her scratching post.
  • Christmas is almost here! Hellp holiday of rest and non-work!
  • I'm starting to make things again....starting with little wool felt pouches. Swoon.
  • It snowed last night - who is up for snow angels?
  • I can't wait to paint this place. Just a little bit.