lonely leaf

leftover photos from fall. this was an entire backyard full of gorgeous yellow leaves.

more food again tonight, which, as it happens, I made none of. someone else toiled away in my kitchen while I worked worked worked (how wonderful is that?). it's been a busy few weeks for everyone, I think, and it's been no exception to that around here. i have been immersed in work and about 1001 christmas projects.

it's been an entire weekend of decadent food: last night we feasted on gorgonzola, spicy italian sausage and penne in a rosee sauce; tonight it was lemon potato latkes with spicy ginger avocado creme, green salad with walnuts and respberry balsamic vinegar, and phyllo pastry wrapped around asparagus, gorgonzola, and brown-sugar-spiced caramelized pears. apparently I have moved directly into the pages of Gourmet magazine instead of just a little way across town, and I haven't even so much as lifted my knife-wielding finger since well before the weekend. to even it out we also enjoyed grilled cheese with tomato and basil at the wild oat in the middle, along with some scrumptious shanghai takeout, too. I may not tell you much about my personal life here, but boy, will I ever tell you about food.

sometimes the results of your camera dying are far more interesting than pictures of plain old food. (though I have to say the food was pretty impressive, too):

PS - I have been waiting for kittens for a week now. I am losing my mind in the quiet. Where are all of the kittens that need loving???