busy feet

things I learned today:

  • claw foot bathtubs are the best thing ever.
  • I apparently need my bed to be perfectly level to sleep really well.
  • how to install COM objects on a server. shutup - I am SO not tech.
  • how to defeat my sewing machine in the ongoing war on vinyl stitching
  • i really really want a kern sweater. just because it is so worth the design-geek chuckle. you might not understand this if you don't understand type.
  • waiting for kitties is boooring. where are my new kitties?
  • can you say cute? crumpler can!
  • I ordered a poster from QOOP, and it's cuter (and smaller) than I expected. Does anyone know why they don't do real-sized posters?
  • I am totally not ready for Christmas.