orbiting venus

a few months ago I submitted a tutorial to a little-big magazine in chicago on a lark. there was no way I would ever be one of the winners in the "first ever venus holiday craft-off". I'm just not that good.

so, imagine my complete "jump-up-and-down and scream a little silently in my head" suprise when I heard from them that I was actually one of the winners. imagine the most surprised you could be and double it. i was completely floored. there were witnesses.

this was also a month and a half ago, and I have been biting my tongue not telling the internet about it. ow.

so, if you're near a mag shop that carries other good mags like Bust, and zines about the indie rock scene, check out the Winter 2005-2006 copy of Venus, available theoretically, as of Dec 1. Not only will you get to see the most lamely flattering photo of myself I could find in a hurry, but you'll also get some lovely photos of my straps in real life, and detailed instructions on how to make one yourself, if you're so inclined. As a bonus, there'll be DIY tutorials from other cool indie-craft winners. Just in time for some holiday creations....

And for those of you on a strict holiday budget....everything they feature is a project that costs less than $25 US to make....how is that for a deal?