through the looking glass

this weekend was made up of a lot of packing, a bizarro private party at barrymores with free yet not free beer, packing, moving things around, more packing, and lots of six feet under. somehow we consumed an entire pie between only three of us. i love making apple pie in the fall.

i've been taking apart big pieces of furniture this's interesting how refreshing a room can be when the things that fill it are no longer there.

it's strange yet exciting to be leaving this house. there are many things I won't miss (upside down light switches, the *neighbours*, street parking), but many things I will.

By far, the biggest thing I'm going to miss is my window. My bedroom window is huge - the full length of my bed, as tall as me, and lets in loads of natural glorious light. I've spent so many nights laying here, staring at the stars, thinking, writing, watching the action on the street below. All of our kittens have played in this window, have slept there, and climbed the screens.

I think every home has a spot, one you can call yours. I have no doubt about what I could call mine.

PS - an internet love letter: dear internet, please adopt princess already.