until we meet again

The kitties went back today. Somehow it feels more significant, and a little more sad, taking them back. They'll be the last cats I foster here (though not the last cats I foster at all).

For the longest time, I worried about Felix. He walked all stooped over and feeble, reminiscent of a very elderly man, walking with a cane. He would never play with anyone else, and heaven forbid he climb the stairs.

He figured out the stairs on Monday, and last night was nearly as active as all of the others, though still a little bit skittish. I guess the fact that his brothers and sisters are TWICE HIS SIZE probably has something to do with it. He's a doll, though. I hope someone wonderful takes him home.

Chairman Meow grew on me over time. Standoffish at first, bossy at other times, he always seemed very independant - didn't need anything from us. Until, of course, you found the sweet spot where he likes to have his chin rubbed. Then he will totally love you and will lay on his back doing that oh so happy leg-shake thing. He and Felix are best friends.

Neko is dreamy - she used to be the most obnoxious and by far the messiest, but now she's turned into an almost fastidious groomer, and a super gentle kitty. She is definitely the leader of the pack, and won't hesitate to wrestle with Princess on the floor and chase her around the house. With Felix, she's gentle, and doesn't push too hard, but still plays with him so he's not lonely. She likes to take long naps *near* people but not directly on, though this morning she curled up and purred on my chest for half-an-hour before getting up to play.

Princess is the dramatic diva of the bunch. She is always showing off, trying to ensure that you are looking at her at all times. Hilarious to watch, since she's always trying to "look cool" but also win the battle with whoever she's playing with. She can always be found wherever her best friend Neko is, upstairs or down. They even learned to climb the stairs together.

This house has seen more than its share of kittens in the last year - we've been foster "parents" to twenty-nine kitties in the last sixteen months. More kitties than I thought I would ever see in a lifetime.

Each cat that's been here has left an impression in their own ways. We had standoffish cats (Cole & Maya), and cuddly cats, scarf-humping cats (Gryphon!) and nose-licking cats (Newton!). It's only been recently, with the last few bunches (Ted, and these guys) that I realized exactly how much I love doing this - and what a great program it really is. Sometimes there's nothing nicer than coming home to a pet at the end of the day who is going to love you....and for these little babies to get the chance to grow up with lots of people, and affection and love, well....I think it goes without saying how great that is.

PS: Adoption watch: if the link doesn't return their profile, they're adopted! Princess Mushroom, Chairman Meow, Felix, Neko.