every little thing she does is magic

A list of things that are completely relevant and totally irrelevant all at once.

  • Ted got adopted (we think)!
  • I like Bell Orchestre more in person. Which is a lot because I really like their album.
  • The Flaps are kind of like the Sadies without the country. Theavant garde bar is cute. And crowded. And hot.
  • It's coooooold out. Brr. It looks like we canadians have begun doing that thing where we try to shrink our necks as low as we can so the bottom of our head becomes part of our shoulder blades. Some think it makes them warmer. I think it gives me a headache. That's what scarves are for, lovelies.
  • There's so much that I want to write to you about, but I just don't have the time. I think "hey, I should blog about that" an awful lot, but I lack execution. I'm not lazy, just....occupied.
  • I've been listening to a lot of The Blow, and I wish there were more. I want more.
    "The secret about boys is that they want you to like them…the secret about girls is that we want you to like us."
  • My whistling skills are eluding me.
  • My annoying neighbours are playing hip hop. I can hear it through the walls. If my roommate wasn't sleeping, I would counter and blast better music. Is it wrong to contemplate going onto my roof to knock on their bedroom window? *glare*
  • Somehow, my red wine got *cold* while I was sitting here. That says something about room temperature, doesn't it?
  • I heart this t-shirt

That is all.....just an update.