falling for change

1. lately i've been thinking about writing. I was going to say something about where I've been, and why I haven't posted in a while but you probably don't care, seeing as you came here to read something I wrote for you, and not some excuse I made up for not writing something for you.

2. lately i've been thinking about writing and how I haven't been able to find the time because I've been busy drinking coffee in the cold october crispness, and holding hands, and making plans and reveling in other stuff that goes on outside of the internet that excites me. it can't always be about the internet. do you hear that, internet? sometimes you have to settle for being best supporting actress.

3. lately i've been thinking about writing, but by the time I manage to form the end of a coherent, bloggable thought, I've gone and forgotten what the begining of that thought was all about. see 2. rinse. lather. repeat.

4. lately i've been thinking about writing, but I needed a change. a change of pace, a change of location. so i changed.

welcome to change. new site. new host. new thoughts. we'll see how this goes. :)