kittycat prison

ted has got it all figured out. somehow, he grew up when we were not looking, which means that when you're least expecting him to figure out how to get into your studio, he will be there, climbing up your leg. meow-tastic.

when he first got here, he was whiny. very whiny. but hey, I'd probably be whiny too if I was only four weeks old and had no mum, so it's forgivable, I suppose. Now, he knows that it is the secret way to elicit the super-fast-way-to-get-upstairs-without-expending-any-effort. he's figured out how to climb the stairs, but he likes it better when you do all of the heavy lifting. and by heacy I mean ted got fat. roly-poly cat belly.

he spent most of last night in my studio, trying to eat thread, interfacing, a screw from my chair. oh! and my toes. he's trouble, but good trouble.