sonic fabric and old-school tech

finally, it's fall. it's cool in my studio so it's easy to pop up there for long periods of time with a glass of wine or some tea and get my craft on. for some reason, I'm just not motivated in summer to be really crafty. but addition to a whole PILE of custom work, I'm toying with some really really neat stuff, and meeting (virtually) some other really really cool crafters with totally wow ideas. on the subject of really really neat stuff: the other day I got some of this sonic fabric in the mail from the very sweet (and fabric-brilliant) Alyce Santoro to make guitar straps with.

I had seen a few of the photos on the sonic fabric site of what it might kind-of look like, but I really had no idea what I could expect to pull out of the package. Would it be shiny? Would it look like casette tapes? Would you even know?

Oh yes. You know. You can't miss the cassette tape grain, the fringed ends of the material, or the residual shiny-ness that yards and yards of tape film provides.

This has definitely earned a spot on my "cool fabrics" list. I love it. I'm a little sad to be cutting it up into pieces....though I know it's for a good use.

ps - anybody have an old walkman they wouldn't mind parting with? I want to use it to read this stuff....and make it make noise...