I *know*…..i’ve been busy

some links to tide you over. real content coming soon. about cool things. I promise!

  • caring for your introvert. I am sometimes on both sides of the introvert/extrovert fence, which is kind-of related to this article on the science of shyness that I was reading today. having been *painfully* shy at points growing up, this is all stuff I can relate to.
  • a blogger handbook? interesting.
  • what should I read next? in case you wanted to ask the internet about your book selection.
  • giant bunny invades italian countryside.
  • Kidsbeer. "Even kids cannot stand life unless they have a drink." Um. Yeah.
  • Um, hi. do I want this toothbrush?? Yes. Do not let the crocodile die!
  • stuart sproule's flee project lets you use ordinary things for unordinary purposes....like pants that turn into swings.....and handbags that turn into climbing gear. sweet!
  • the iDog: feed him well, indie rockers.
  • nabaztag. world's best freaking bunny. ever.

right....back to doing busy stuff.....