keep one eye on the door, keep one eye on your back

so for a while there, I really thought about quitting, about packing it in altogether and not blogging any more. And then I would stop and remember how much I love the shared experiences, the people I've met through here, the luck I've found (hello toronto star and ottawa citizen), the customers, and they all tend to outweigh the creepy and annoying by a long shot. I'm so very glad for this place, in some ways.

I first started blogging so I would be reminded to write, every day. So I'd be able to put something down on "paper" and have a place to remember things, experiences and people - too often I forget to write it down anywhere else.

Sometimes bloggers sit in a bit of an insulated world - one where we forget that random strangers can read our thoughts, our lists, look at our photos and feel as if they know us. I had forgotten, a little bit, that there was a harsh reality out there - a reality of the kind of people you avoid in bars, in real life, because they're just not "your type". Thankfully, I think most of you, at least those of you who speak up and say hello, are "my type". Other people, well, they're just not happy unless they're passing judgement on somebody else. It's them that I can't be bothered with. They, who nearly made me forget why this place existed at all. But enough about that.

It's been crazy. I've been busy. And frankly, there hasn't been much to say.

So, instead of me rambling on about what's been going on, here's a few lists to keep you occupied.

what I'm listening to: the notwist, new metric, final fantasy, the rosebuds, eels, bell orchestre, psapp

things I'm loving: text messages, designing pretty things, knitting up a storm, kitten snuggles, the crispness of fall, homemade pizza, family-made wine, walks at dusk, moon-rises, my new bike lights, boy club, spicy food.

things that are getting on my nerves: self-indulgent busybodies, people who park in my spot, diets, theodore's crazy whining, debates about ketchup, sleeping when it's 28 degrees outside, having to go to work when i'd still like to be in bed.