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lewis and newton are heading back to the humane society today. usually, after you've fostered a cat (or 4) you can fill out a profile that gives potential adopters information about the kitty, their temperment, and anything else you think is worth noting.

I've always had the impression that not every foster parent fills out these forms...as if the cats are just a passing ship, and no one noticed what the colour of its sails were. I love writing about the kitties I've had - they've all had unique personalities, even at such young ages, and it seems wrong to not try to do everything that i can to set them up with a family...and part of that is taking away the mystery of whether little flufferina is good with children, or whether kitty-kat needs a quiet home because otherwise he goes insane.

These kitties are a little different than the last bunches, if only because I have fallen completely in love with them. Some other folks have too. Especially newton with his no-tail. And lewis with his exceptional run-away-from-newton skills.

Writing these profiles last night (these are not the profiles that we fill out at the OHS) wasn't easy. It's tough to try to capture the personality of such cute little things in 200 or so words....there's just so much to say.

So, I'll say this: if you've been looking for a kitten (or preferably a pair of kittens because these guys are going to miss each other like you would miss your arm if it fell off), now is the time. :)

Newton's profile Lewis's profile