squeezing every last drop out of summer (because why does it feel like fall?)

I've been leash-training the kittens. So far, it's working. They like the front step. Like stepping on ant-hills and trying to figure out where all of the little chasey bugs come from. Surprisingly little wriggling in leash halters has occurred.

As can often be predicted, the usual spins and needles crowd was out in force wednesday night at the clocktower. It was so busy at one point that people were sitting on the FLOOR eating food, drinking beer and crafting.

It's great to finally see this event getting a real following - for a while, there were good nights (read: busy but not packed) and okay nights (think bridgehead at 10pm kind of crowded). Now there's a real juggle for space....want a seat? Make sure you show up at 8.

I'm starting to get into a groove where I can bring projects I can really *work* on, instead of projects that I'll fidget with for a bit before getting distracted. Lately, though, I'm really into checking out what other people are working on...this month was all about knitting for me, but around my table tonight were a bunch of cool ideas - more knitting, some arty people-sketching, 'nutritional value' cork coasters, paper boxes made out of maps, and crafty planning. It's great to see such a wide variety of things come together in one place. Crafty-bonding over beer.

Now if only my new ideas were pub-bringable. I think they'll all be studio-bound, instead.

Oh! And before I forget....New bed-sheet-bag (recycled stuff project!). Photos soon.