yeah, because they are so not really this cute most of the time

The terror twins (as I have taken to calling them) have discovered the upstairs. This morning, two plaintive paws were shoved under my bedroom door with accompanying "mrow!'s" almost as if they hadn't been fed for weeks. What they wanted? To come and jump on my bed. And chase my shaker eggs, which they've recently decided are their new favourite toys. They like to hide them under the bed.

They'll be with us for two more weeks because of some residual sniffles. I would have liked a kitty break (24 cats in under a year is a lot of cats to foster), but it's nice to have them around at the same time. Without one ever comes to visit.

In other news, lana called it quits over at place & thyme yesterday. The mere existence of P&T has been a bright spot in my day for the last year or so.....and I'm sure I'm not alone. I'm going to miss the photos and the cat-ness, but it's for all of the right reasons. Thanks, Lana!