sweet and subtle

Connor and Flora went back this afternoon. Originally, itwas supposed to be Connor and Lewis, but Lewis has a weepy eye and needs a few more days. Flora is super-independent, so she'll do fine. She was ready to go back. Connor....well, he'll settle in anywhere, the little monster. I'm going to miss them both a bunch. So will the rest of the connor-flora fan club, I think. I have selfishly been wanting to keep them, but it didn't feel right to keep them from potentially finding a family this weekend. They're too deserving of it.

So, if you're interested in some gorgeous fawn/orange tabby kitties, you can see them online here at the adoptables site for the ottawa humane society (check them out under the two-month-old age category - they probably won't be online until saturday, though). Both of them would be great pets, and better yet, friends - so well-adjusted, sweet and into being loved.

bye, babies. xo