all the things you said to me today

We discovered last night that flora is a fan of making fiends. And of sitting in your purse when it looks like it might not be going anywhere. Lana snapped this lovely photo from my front porch last night.

It was also discovered that Lewis is quite the lap cat. Loooooooves the petting.

On the ipod this week:

Neutral Milk Hotel, Appleseed Cast, Neko Case, Pheonix, Remy Zero, Vincent Gallo, Math & Physics Club, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Most Serene Republic, and Koufax

Things that are making me happy: Kittens. Sleeping in. Drinking wine. Eating fresh berries with vanilla ice cream. Good music. Sharing. Surprise visits. Cool breeze in my windows at night. Adobe Illustrator. Pink nail polish. Getting out my fancy clothes.

Things that are grating: Fuzzy bugs. Newton's nose kisses. Things that don't work like they should. Working instead of playing. Pigeons on my bedroom roof. 12 hours of road-trip in less than 24. Resentment.