I heart new things

And this is just one.

Also, a quick update on kitty names: no-tail......Newton; orange-girl........Flora; orange boy.......Connor; grey-tail.......Lewis. Sorry about the lack of triangles, ryan. Next time... :)

And some links, to keep you occupied while I'm busy writing away with pens on paper, instead of toiling in front of my computer. Sorry, lovelies....it's been slow but all-consuming of late. I have other things on my mind (all good).

  • A gooood tutorial on doing multi-colour poster screen prints
  • Synaesthesia is coming up next Thursday. The lovely Kathryn Jette (and friends) will have some of her work on display.....show up!
  • Frank Black (The Pixies) talks to Ray Bradbury. Strangely, I was never that into the pixies, but I am a Frank Black and the Catholics fan. Hmm...
  • Thinking of checking out the Coupland exhibit at the CCA this weekend (we didn't make it last time). Has anyone been?
  • Bauhaus is thinking about a new album. Oooooooh.
  • Neutral Milk Hotel is being re-released
  • The Decemberists are going to head up an Elliott Smith tribute (??). Interesting.
  • Michael Palin has put all of his travel books online for free. Not in PDF format or anything, but if you feel like reading in from of your computer for a few hours....
  • I want to learn how to play dominoes this summer.
  • Betsy Ross pattern kits are sweet.