i just want to dance in your tangles

note to self: when swimming in the dark, watch out for turtles.

hit up meech lake last night for a swim. it's been a while....nice to get in the water after dark and float aimlessly around. I was always a pool swimmer growing up, and swimming in lakes was something I didn't actually do until I was in my twenties. I always found them a little horror-inducing (with all of those turtles, water snakes, rock-bottoms, lake-grass) so I avoided. that tends to be my approach to a lot of things.....avoid avoid avoid avoid then dive right in and love it.

sometimes, that approach has much better results than what you might have anticipated.

today's album playlist rundown:

neutral milk hotel: in the aeroplane over the sea stars: set yourself on fire justin clayton: tragic metric: old world underground