i want to sing

two things: my summer is sorely lacking in quality time spent on docks. this old photo is exactly what I *should* be doing with my summer (well....maybe minus the long-ish hair). but I'm not. FIX.

also, i don't actually have a lot to say....but some things.

  1. between then and now I've gotten bitten by /something/ that's left me itchy and bumpy. Annoying.
  2. the new bridgehead is actually kind of nice, but the layout is different. also, the soft booth at the back has HUUUUUUGE tables. Too huge and tall. I feel like a little kid sitting with the grown-ups.
  3. organic lemonade? Meh. Homemade lemonade? sweet.
  4. my foot hurts. half of you will know why. the other half won't care. but...for the record: ouch.
  5. I'm starting to warm up to Madelaine Peyroux - why didn't I like her before, you ask? I have.no.idea.
  6. font hunt starts in new york tomorrow. so cool.
  7. aisle of averages - these may be somewhat tweaked, but they're so soothingly pretty I don't care.
  8. I want more restaurant service like this
  9. My office chair has been broken for a week. Aeron seats? Unravel. :(
  10. So I stole a new seat. It's seat part is intact, but the back? Also, unraveled. Double boo.
  11. I'm not yet reading the new harry potter. But soon.
  12. Nouvelle Vague is garnering an extraordinary amount of listening time for me these days. The girls have these amazingly smooth and clean french-accent-tinged vocals, breathy and fine.
  13. Seriously, whatever bit me while I was sleeping totally sucks. I am bumpy and itchy. Argh.