grow up and blow away

tess, spooks and shadow went back this morning, all grown up and ready to find themselves a new family or three. we're really going to miss the way they all took over every window in the house with their sleeping, how spooks would endlessly lick everything in the fridge because it was cold, the staring at me while I do dishes, the running around on my bed at 4 am because how could it not be playtime?, how tess would sleep on the neck of my bass very gently, and the general snuggliness of the bunch.

I really hope they go to good homes. If you're in barrhaven (or now, apparently, kanata, too), swing on out to the superpet and blow them a kiss for me. Especially Spooks....he's all by himself.

Also, check out these photos: Tess, Spooks and Shadow. When the profiles are gone, that means they're gone too!