on the move

mellow tonight. I needed some relaxing. some downtime. a book and some candles and some tarkio on my ipod. things have been crazy. i need to do laundry. i need to clean my closet. i need to make pretty things.

so instead of going to see the dears I stayed home. played some bass, petted my kitties, ate too much ice cream. had cereal for dinner as I am wont to do when I'm feeling a little bit trepidatious.

you know....I hadn't picked up my bass in two weeks until tonight. It felt good (but squeaaaaaaaky) to play for a bit. Any day now my roommate is goign to get tired of the bassline to a mariner's revenge. it's been sitting, lying neglected in the corner. I really need to play more. Back to my old 5-minutes a day rule. no more squeaking!

I'm allergic to bandaids! After I sliced open my leg on tuesday with my rotary cutter, I stuck a bandaid on top to stop the blood form gushing (sorry if you're squeamish). Now I've got a huge bandaid shaped rash on my upper thigh. HOT.

anyhow, lovelies, I'm off to montreal for the weekend so you'll have to do without me for a bit. unless, of course....someone would like to guest post....I'm open to volunteers! see you monday!


ps - I wish ottawa had a busmonster