spooks is wise...taking catnaps in the windows. the kitties are growing fast and furious. tess has proven to be the ultimately loveable one, always choosing to sit sweetly and gaze at you, trying to suck you into her cuteness. The boys...well, they're a different story altogether. So feisty. And hilarious to watch.

what's really surprising...I was reading tonight that is ten years old now. It shouldn't surprise me, I think, but it did. It's so weird to think of these online "institutions" that we now take for granted, having aged, instead of having always been here. though I remember the days of the early "internet" and amazon's beginnings, too. it's wild to think that that much time has passed.

ten years. what have I done with ten years? more on that later.

what's really important...I'm going to montreal this weekend. anyone know of cool art happenings, or something that's *must see* aside from these chairs (which I totally dig)?

and what's funny.....there was a guy on my volunteer team tonight who was totally trying to convince me to slowdance with him to "sitting on the dock of the bay". I said no. He then asked the girl next to me if I should and would I? Um, hi! Right here! Still no. Smarmy.