because little feet get bigger

Shortly before my 5th birthday, my crazy parents decided I wasn't enough (!) and picked up a baby sister at kmart or something. Who.I.Hated. Hello....I was cute and charming! She was whiny. And needy. Babies. Meh.

But you know? It's a good thing they did. I'm not sure what I'd do without having Ryn around to make me laugh until I can no longer breathe, or think up obscure dinosaur names for, or get into general trouble with. Who else would fall in love with *all* of my kitties? Or steal my brand new socks?

Some feet, the leftmost belong to the birthday girl. Thanks to ben for taking this photo in halifax last year. It totally rocks.

Happy Birthday Ryn! I'm still not posting photos of your presents. Suck it up.