Ahead is the horizon, always changing, it stands fast

I've been listening to a lot of josh ritter lately. I almost know all of the lyrics without even hearing the tunes, that's how much. His music is a bit mellow, a bit singer-songwriter, but beautiful and slow.

Life has been ultra hectic. I seem to be finding lately that good things come in flocks. People, things, and surprises - I'd be lying if I didn't say that there have been a few unsuspected turns this past month or so. I love change.

And to boot, it's summer. I know everyone's been cranky in the oppressive humidity....it's been like a thick blanket of hotness wrapped tightly around our shoulders....but i have to admit. I love summer. I love the smell of freshness, or freshly cut grass, of bonfires, of flower blossoms, of bbq's, the beauty of sunsets, of afternoon naps in the bright clear days, the crispness of fluffy skirts, and flimsy sandals, the childlike excitement of bubbles, and trips to the beach.

This will never be my favourite season (that's reserved for fall), but there's something about summer that makes it the best time of year to find something that makes your eyes sparkle.