blowing in the wind

  • This is a bit old (from two weeks ago now), but I'm enjoying the read. Steve Jobs addresses graduates of Stanford at their commencement. Some insightful things, and some eyebrow raising things. Beautiful typography on computers exists only because he took Calligraphy once? Not so sure I subscribe to that theory.
  • Centretown Movies is back up and running again for 2005.
  • After much debate and waffling, I've decided that I *would* like to see Howl's Moving Castle, even if only to see if I like it as much as Spirited Away.
  • Travel ads to show *real* pricing. Finally - a change for the better. Now if only they'd go the other half of the way and make airlines and railways do it too. That $99 flight? Really $179. The whole price-pre-fees and surcharges and taxes gets ridiculous after a while.
  • The Rooms opens today in Newfoundland.
  • Baby froggies! On Holmwood Ave. Watch.Your.Step.
  • From Anatole - an interesting bunch of segments from a recent U of O panel on copyright legislation. There's some great debate and statements in the final video of the q&a section.
  • A little note here, but a BIG deal: Canada Approves Same Sex Marriage. On a related note, Steven Harper sucks about as much as I thought he did.