new music monday, volume 6

I need inspiration....instead of talking about a new band every week, I'm just going to ramble on, nonsensically about music-y things. So bear with me. Today I'm all about internet radio. Partly because I'm constantly streaming something, but partly because other people are streaming things too, and there's so much to listen to that I think we all need to share a little more.

So, my top internet radio stations/shows of the moment...

John In The Morning....the Variety Mix - John Richards, I have been an avid John Richards "morning faithful" for 5 or so years. Every morning he never fails to entertain, with a great selection of good music, an awesome awesome daily playlist, and his straight out chit chat. I actually enjoy listening to DJ banter for a change. You'll always find him playing something good. Right now it's the Kaiser Chiefs, Lali Puna and the Raveonettes.

Morning Becomes Eclectic - Nic Harcourt - Nic Harcourt is the master of the live-band-show. Nearly every day his college-radio studio in San Diego plays host to a band you love or didn't yet know you were mad for but now are. He loves some of my favourite artists, and has introduced me to countless others. He was just featured in a super-piece in the NY times, and has Stephen Malkmus in studio today. Whee!

Whatever's Cool With Me - ckcu Can you go wrong with a program that's described like this? "A dying breed, this is a general music show. I play a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Indie rock, hip hop, electronica, classical, jazz, blues, old country, whatever... If it doesn't suck, I'll probably play it. I also take requests and frequently screw up on air. What more could you ask for?" Also, the setlist titles entertain me. This is a show I haven't been listening to for very long, but I'm sure I will continue to like.

What are you guys listening to?