find love, and give it all away

nelly and molly went back to the humane society today. it's so hard to let kitties go, especially after you get attached to them over the course of four weeks (every time I do this for an extended period of time it feels like forever). They survived the heat wave (in sleepy-tones) and each other, as well as a couple of "incidents" learning to go up and down stairs. Hearing cats go "thunk-ker-thunk-ker-thunk" is not all that fun....even if you can catch them at the bottom.

Molly is uber sweet. She loves to curl up with you at night (maybe only in part because she thinks you'll keep her safe under the blankets from Nelly's nibbling). When we first got her, she'd hiss for no good reason, and now she's as sweet as can be. She's a curious kitty - always into finding out what's going on. Thankfully (because Nelly is super-talkative) she's pretty quiet, too. Doesn't say too much, but lets you know when she's hungry....which is often.

Molly recently discovered how much she likes to play - she's started fighting back with Nelly, though she's not super strong, and has a penchant for chasing anything shiny around. This includes plastic thread wrappers, tinfoil balls, and (though it's not shiny) lamp. From molly alone, I have gone through 3 lightbulbs in four weeks. She's big into knowing what's going on - wants to be on your lap, on your shoulder, in your face.

Not so hot with the self-grooming where her nose is concerned, she walks around with kitten food on her face half of the time. Which is only ok until she wants to rub noses. She's big on owner-grooming, too, and can often be found trying to lick my face or eyelids.

Nelly is as good as her sister. She's a real cutie who purrs all.of.the.time, and loves to talk. A lot. You always know when she's underfoot, or wants something, or is confused and lost and can't figure out which direction you've gone in. She too loves to snuggle, but mostly on her own terms. She's more of a pillow-sleeper, as in you'll wake up in the morning, scrunch up your pillow and find nelly sleeping underneath it. A sure fire way to have a heart attack before 8 am.

She loves to explore and see what's going on outside. You'll often find her sitting in my bedroom window, or in the window directly below it on the front of the house, tracking the progress of neighbourhood cats, cars, and children. She will try anything once, and has a little addiction to blueberry yogurt. And turkey. She really really really loves turkey.

It's never been easy to take any of the cats back. It's always a double-edged sword. While I love them, and wish I could keep them, I just can' wouldn't be fair. But if makes me feel better to know that they've had a few weeks of intense kitty loving. Hopefully that makes them more affectionate and loving to the families they'll call home. I hope these guys don't have to wait too long to find them.

update: the first day coming home after work sans kitties? totally sucks.