but if the ecstasy’s in the wit is definitely out

This weekend was a bit crazed and hectic - I feel as if I need another weekend so I can relax. Can I please? Friday was all about relaxing and emulisfying screens for today's ""experiments with screens". In amongst a couple of super-pro-fighting kittens, lana managed to create a few great screens. Mine? Still a work in progress. The ideas are all in my head.....it's the execution that's the trouble.

Saturday? Soccer, bass-playing, napping and a bit of not getting entirely fleeced at poker. (Finally that texas hold-em poker spam comes in handy!). Today? Planet coffee, yummies from domus, la bottega, lemon meringue, some chilling with the family (seeing as it was father's day and all), crazy screenprinting, and now, some sewing, some reading, and maybe, just maybe, 5 minutes of relaxing.

How was YOUR weekend?

PS - it really gets on my nerves when you call my phone and *don't* leave a message. For serious....I like messages. PPS - I have call display..it's not like I can't tell you've called and didn't leave a message, either. Gah!