a one and a two and a…

Molly taking a cat-nap in the *extreme* heat we've been dealing with. That girl will sleep anywhere.

Some crafty-related things today.

  • A craftblogging panel at last week's reboot brought about a bunch of crafty ideas, not the least of which was a crafters wishlist. iLife for crafting indeed. WANT.
  • In other crafty notes, a handily-disguised gift-buying-guide is a list of apple-craft - a great resource for all of your (and other peoples') crafting for things that start with "i".
  • Does anyone know where to get cool bulk buttons in Ottawa? I am hunting.
  • Also of note, bags. posting. delayed. Soccer is keeping me on my toes this week, so other things have fallen. By tomorrow...in case you're itching to buy some of my new stuff.
  • Colour lovers is great if you're doing any online design work and need some inspiration
  • New consignment: Needle In A Haystack