the monday collection

  • More music videos need to be illustrated. Like this one, by the charming Psapp.
  • Google Sightseeing is seriously cool. One of the latest posts is abut the museum of civilization. Neat!
  • For my programmer-audience. Have fun!
  • The birthday calculator is nearly useless, but awfully entertaining.
  • The DIY Planner Hipster PDA Edition". Rockin'.
  • Oh yeah - I'm mentioned in a piece in today's Toronto Star. Toronto-ites can check it out in section A, yo. The rest of you can check it out here, but you might have to log in. Apparently, I'm all about the grown-up. But if somebody calls me a "yupster" I will totally kick you. My favourite line? "It's more about, `I may work for The Man 9-to-5, but at heart I'm still a starving undergrad with a pure taste,'"
  • Ceramic pinhole camera, anyone?
  • Math and the simpsons. Interesting.