So now that the show's over, let's talk about Friday morning, shall we?

It was my day off from work, which means day devoted to craftiness and show prep instead. I had planned to get up early....maybe not up at 7:30, woken by tree trimmers down the road. I could hear them a ways away, dimly aware of the sound, and what it meant. When I finally got around to opening my eyes and rolling over to look outside, imagine my surprise when I was greeted with a tree-trimmer no more than 5 feet from my bedroom window.

My bedroom is on the second floor. It's reasonably high up. Sometimes I sleep with the curtains wide open in the mornings - I love natural light streaming in. But this was a little bit weird. Not only could I almost count the freckles on my tree-trimmers face, he Waved. As is "Hi! I already see you lying there on your bed!". Funny and creepy.

So what else do you do when you're shocked out of sleeping by someone nearly peering in your windows for his job? You take pictures, of course. I was nice enough not to catch his face.