good or bad? you choose

I'm making my first-ever batch of soy "ice cream", which involves tofu, soy milk, maple syrup. vanilla and LOTS and LOTS of fruit. Pictures soon. Finally, that ice cream maker comes in handy!

Update: In the beginning, there was the mighty ice cream maker:

And there was the mixing (I'm sparing you the photos of the soy milk and the tofu, and the maple syrup, AND the strawberries, even, because not only were they completely boring, the light levels in my kitchen are SO bad those photos were starting to look like bad restaurant menu photos - you know the ones....where the "pub" actually takes photos of the food they serve and in print? Doesn't look so hot. I'll work on the strawberries another day.)

Finished product? Verdict is yummy. AND, it doesn't taste like plain soy milk (which it totally did when I put it into the machine, even though there's a pound of strawberries in that sucker. And a handful of mini bananas.). This totally beats all of the ice cream I've ever made with this thing, which always involved good results, but lots of boiling, and cold baths, and super-time-sensitive pouring sessions, and, well, it was just a long drawn-out nightmare, really. Though we spent an hour on the floor in the kitchen reading my ice-cream "cookbook" tonight. I sense mixed icy drinks and many granitas in our house's future.