when the going gets tough, the tough visit kitties

Up early this morning, and in need of a good mind-clearing walk around, I wandered down to parliament hill with my camera. I've always found that when I need to think something through that a walk is the best antidote, the best way to sort out my thoughts and rationalize how I'm feeling, what needs to be said. It helps that it's so beautiful out.

Surprisingly, the hill was almost empty. There was a random scattering of tourists, but nothing heavy and crowded. The largest crowd was hanging out looking for kitties at the cat houses. The mid-morning sky was sharp and blue, a soft breeze coming up the hill from the water, the smell of summer in the air. There's something about that smell that always takes me back to my childhood. Of playing outside at dusk, of innocence, of simplicity. Some days I long for the simplicity of childhood, though being "grown-up" has its own rewards.

While I was down on the hill the bells in the peace tower were counting out the time. There's something so soothing about those bells - something romantic and gothic. I've always had a soft spot for ringing bells. They've always seemed so...honest.

I had to say goodbye to an old and dear friend today. It's very sad, but for the best. Everyone deserves to have a good chance at happiness.