beats, eats and heat

tonight was world beats and eats at the mercury lounge. forgetting my camera, I'm hoping lana might have something to show from her shots tomorrow. the beats? great. Kaminari (Yoshi and Chie) along with some great hand-drummers played a good set combining sitar, digeridoo, and vocals. Great show. Seriously.

the eats? yum. samosas, focaccia, and Social making a bizarre french toast concoction involving parmesan, grape tomatoes, and garlic maple syrup. not the kind of thing I'd necessarily order off the menu there, but good to try.

the heat? My house. Ouch this place is hot. So I did what any sensible person would do. I took out four of my six window panes (I have a huge double-paned window). Finally. Breeze. Tonight is going to be one of those doors open, blanket-free kind of nights. Of course, I am hoping for no rain in the next, say, 8 hours. Fingers crossed.