curious onlookers

Hello lovelies! I'm really busy. And STILL sick. So, short and sweet today.

  • I just bought a yard of bright purple fun fur. If my studio wasn't so INSANELY hot, I'd be really excited about getting it out to work with. But purple! Fun fur! I heart rockland textiles.
  • The kittens have decided that since it's so hot out, sleep is the new playing. Which makes them easy to keep an eye on. This morning, Molly fell asleep in her food dish. While Nelly was chasing her tail. Also, they really like my window.
  • Random House is looking for Twentysomething Writers....and they might even give you $20,000!
  • Veer releases yet another batch of wallpaper. Ooh pretty!
  • Last year I skipped the swimming at Meech Lake entirely. This year? I am ready. Now. Let's go!

This update is really boring. I'm sorry. I'll try harder tomorrow. With pictures or something.