and all I want is another try, all I want is to just feel the same

Happiness is peach pancakes for lunch. And grooving to bossanova beats while being able to spend the afternoon writing away. I spent some time in the fabic store tonight, petting fabrics, daydreaming about bag shapes, etc. But I feel uninspired. Perhaps I just need a good kickstart. Maybe I got a little bit of that tonight. Pho tonight at Pho Bo. Highly entertaining, especially with the place all to ourselves, relaxing in the humidity, some sort of eastern awards show on TV. I highly recommend the X1. There is shrimp and pork involved (neither of which I'm too fond of), but tamarind broth. Yum! And of course....noodles. Apparently, the X0 soup (that's X-zero soup, not hug and kiss soup) is lucky musician soup.....which is good...I think. A creative pot-stirrer, so to speak. There was much talk of music, and fuzzy monkey knees, and stage fright. And viiiibraaato. And maybe where it needs to take a little bit of a breather. There was talk of craftiness, with much hyperventilating while chanting 9 days! 9 days! 9 days! on my part. Yes....I am freaking out about this show. So much to do! So, of course, instead of coming home and doing work....I am home and then gone again. Busy. But good busy.

Such is life these days. The air has changed. It smells like freshness.

This is, quite without ceremony, I might add, the 500th post here at mintyfresh. Happy round numbers day!