• Film-Can has shut it's internet-doors and won't be coming around any more. I feel like I've just broken up with the movie-guide! Anyone have any suggestions on where to transfer my film-affection?
  • World Beats & Eats is coming up on Friday - a *live* version, which will be sure to entertain. Social is apparently going to be cooking up delicacies throughout the night (so there'll be no more of the insane lineups for food from last month), there'll be a live band, and live performance art. $15 at the door. COME OUT.
  • I am *still* addicted to Making Fiends, and have been singing the vegetable song over and over in my head since Saturday. Argh....crazies.
  • Now that I sort-of know how to knit, I want to make this Devil Horn Cap. Because who wouldn't want one?
  • This Fresh Apple Salsa looks so yummy I could eat it all day. Except I'm allergic to apples. Boo. But I highly recommend the blog itself. 101 Cookbooks always has something yummy going on.
  • This is dorky, but I almost want to say "screw iPod cases - get me an iGuy!" because he's so damn cute.