the end of the knitting

so, after a few longs weeks of knit-knit-knit-knit, my green knit sophie bag is complete. Thanks to the internet I figured out i-cords and grafting and binding-off and other complicated knitter-slang, to turn out a felted, finished product that I would *not* be embarrassed to take out. This was actually a good experience for the first thing I've ever knitted (other than a square at the first Spins & Needles, but that doesn't really count).

Surprisingly, it only took one round in the washer to get it felted the way I liked it - I was sure it would take at least two or three. Blocking it was super simple - finally that collection of old thick plastic IKEA placemats comes in handy.

When trying to bind off the bag and contemplating starting the i-cords without my helpful "teach me to knit and I will bring you some Guinness" teacher at hand, I was freaked, and totally intimidated. Until I discovered some instructions complete with photos online - those were a godsend.

side note: it is seriously hard to have a"sick day" when today is the day they are cutting up the street directly below your window. BOO.