the bees knees

The above: my knees. And my new skirty-apron for ladyfest. My knees clearly need some work. You scuffles and the like. And maybe a tan.

The "great" glebe garage sale was this morning. Ugh. Early-ness. But goodness. Ryn and Rob and I wandered around until nearly 11 looking for funky bargains. We found none. Until....we hit along a house on first or second ave. that was the home of an older couple who, on their travels through the world had collected boxes upon boxes of natural fabrics. From everywhere you can imagine, in any colour you can imagine, all with stories, and lists of details. Ryn picked up some flannel wool and assorted others. I, a roughly two yard swath of turquoise merino wool. Dreamy. Hello new blanket!

Around the corner, at the Glebe Community Centre, we came across another vendor selling imported eastern clothing - I picked up two little apron/skirts, perfect for my upcoming Ladyfest crafty sale, and a little childs top which will work perfectly for a bag design I've got in my head. The super find was the merino, though. HEAVEN.

Surprisingly, when we were out at 7:30, there wasn't really a lot going on. People were setting up late this year, despite the crazy good weather. The streets were somewhat empty.

I'm glad to have made it out. After trudging home with our tired feet, I snagged some of the lilacs from the backyard to add to volume to the bamboo I've got going on in my bedroom. I love the smell of lilacs in spring. And cherry blossoms.

And now it's off to my folks for dinner and a send-off, and, bliss, a dip in the hot tub. With some red wine, and the pseudo clear sky you can get once you're outside of downtown, it's exactly what I need tonight. With luck, there'll be lightning, too.