miscellaneous this and that

Anyone up for the Glebe garage sale tomorrow? Departure time: 7:30 (yes, AM), my place. Show up...we'll have coffee. And kittens. And wear shoes for scavenging. This means you. If you don't know where I live, just ask. :) There is a grand indulgence in Chet Baker, Elliot Smith, and Blanket Music today. Perfect for a rainy overcast day.

Even though it's drearily grey out, because my eyes are SO FREAKING pale (evidence, though blurry), I still need to wear my shades. Damn you, haze. And you too, genetics. Why can't I have striking-yet-not-so-light-sensitive-they-make-me-cry-eyes?

A curious piece on making soy milk and tofu from scratch. I never would have thought of attempting this at home. Tofu has always seemed like one of those "Must Buy" items. Interesting. I've been missing tofu lately. Time for more vietnamese veg cooking.

I want a room where putting a race-track on the wall is a-ok. Sadly, I'm not sure it's meant to happen in my current abode. But it would be totally cool. Of course, anything in the blik line is completely funky and gorgeous anyway.

Collaborative fridge-letter-magnet interactive art piece. Kind of interesting. It's entertaining to mess with other people's words. If you play along for long enough, it gets entertainingly conversational.

The design plans for the mini folded book I received from Andrea last night. Time to buy some paper. Hello art store...here I come.

Anyone going to the Poets show tomorrow night? Yay cello-rock! I am toying, though there is a movement to get my folks to the airport (they're off to England & Scotland on the late flight, tomorrow) instead, and knowing Zaphods.....headliner's on at 10, off at 10:55...I'll never make it in time. Make way for dance night. Blah. Perhaps hot-tubbing instead. Or something.

And oh....I'm out of journal. Has anyone seen Lotta Jansdotter journals kicking around town? I am in need, but don't want to wait for online order mail to arrive. Too much writing to do.