spinning circles

quite literally, with all the "knitting in the round" I'm doing. Hit up spins and needles last night at the clocktower - a good turnout, especially minus the puppy-dog-lovvies with the painting-hearts-on-each-others-arms people from last time. Call me un-romantic if you must, but seriously, how much googly-eyed mooshyness can one person take?

This month's crafters seemed to be less knitty, more crafty. People were making magnets, working with pastels, sewing shirts, cutting up photos, tailoring hats, you name it. There were knitters, sure - of which I was one, but it seemed less yarn-biased this time around. In addition to all the crafting, I got to meet Andrea, who left me with a beautiful folded paper book - too cute. She also has got to have the coolest shoes I've ever seen - cat faces on the front, tails on the back. So funky!

I also met Andrew O'Malley and got to check out some of his buttons. Nice. Mental note: get on the pinback-button bandwagon, pronto.

Next month: primo blogger crafty night, even if I have to host it myself to get you all to come out. Who is in??