and you look like a….

one of my favourite things to do on days that I work from home is to head down to the "creative district" in centretown or the market and get all comfy with coffee outside or nearby an ad agency. working in marketing and design, I'm always fascinated by the types that go in and out, playing a little game with myself, trying to guess what everyone there does just by observing their behaviour, their dress, their attitudes as they head into work in the morning.

this morning on a quick walk home form bridgehead, I decided to detour and check out one of the local agencies, do some "creative spotting" if you will. It's highly entertaining. Funny how most creative-types (agency types, at least) always pride themselves on originality, creativity, standing apart from the rest of the pack, but really, they're all the same on some basic level. ad agency employees tend to have a lot of individual styles, but it's always seemed to not be all that hard to pinpoint someone's "type" within a few minutes.

guy dressed in all black, including black horn-rimmed shades with his black horn-rimmed glasses sticking out of the top of his all-black moleskin with silver pen clipped to the top? trying really hard to look indifferent, aloof, more hepcat than hipster? you, sir, are the creative director, no?

and you? the girl with the low heeled and funky yet you know right-off-the-shelf from aldo because they're only a little bit funky but mostly conservative, dressed in that "i am trying to be hip yet casual while wearing a full suit" clutching a black leather portfolio case under her arm? account manager.

fashionista with the stylin' jeans. spiky hair. low-budget screen-printed tee with funky bangles on one arm, chunky silver rings on the other hand, carrying a one-of-a-kind handbag and bright colourful notebook dangling some keychain sharpies? print designer.

the older-mid-forties man, dressed in mostly neutral grey/silver tones, pulled up in his silver car to the reserved spot, toting leather buckled briefcase and cell phone stuck to his face? partner/owner/shareholder. likes to still look cool, yet conservative.

I could totally do this all morning. I heart people-watching.

Alas, I need to get some work done. Poetry reading last night at the Merc: Corey Frost rocks. Performance poetry is a good thing.

Tonight? Snow Patrol in Montreal. Apparently, tickets are being scalped for upwards of $125. Nutty! My ticket? $17.