m-m-m-musical memes

Lana has thrown me a musical torch and forced me to actually figure out how much music I own and deliciously consume on a regular basis. Really, I couldn't live without it. Music is what keeps me out of the nuthouse some days. So here goes nothing:

Total volume of music files on the iPod? 18.9 Gb. It sounds like so much when you write it down. Total CDs I actually own? 400+ at last count.

The last CD I bought was: a tie. Great Lake Swimmers "Bodies and Minds" and Aqualung's "Still Life".

Song playing right now: Bossa Nova, by Shivaree

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

The "heavy rotation" family from my ipod:

  1. 'Tristan & Iseult' by Tarkio
  2. 'Ella' by Young & Sexy
  3. 'Nadine' by Frank Black and the Catholics
  4. 'First Day of My Life' by Bright Eyes
  5. 'Pleased to Meet You' by James
  6. (Runner Up) 'El Borracho' by Firewater

I'm going to call-out these nice people who like music to carry this on: 1. Ryn / 2. Heksenketel / 3. Ben (who never blogs anymore and this had better give him good reason to)

The people I'd really like to pass this on to are all of the non-blogging friends who read this blog and have EXCEPTIONAL taste in music. Come on....comment! Tell me what you are listening to...