some things

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am listening to "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" on my ipod. I thought you should know.

And in other unrelated news:

This morning, one of the cats peed on my bed.

To compund this bad start, I got my hair cut. The jury is still out - you know how it all looks good when it's wet, and they're snip-snip-snipping away and you're all "I am going to be so hot when this is over" and then they blow-dry it and you end up shrugging at your reflection in the mirror across from you and thinking to yourself "is this any different? Did she just fluff my hair around a bit?" while saying "I LOVE it!!!" to the stylist? It might be that kind of cut. But I'm not sure yet....let me make it to the first post-haircut where-is-all-my-hair shower first.

I went to see Kepler, the Acorn, and Snailhouse at Irene's last night on a whim and a last minute invitation. We got in VERY late. A good late, though. Many strange conversations occurred, including talk about the bar rail. If you look closely, you'll see a bottle of Aqua Velva smack in the middle of the beer empties (see above). Hmmm...specialty shots?

I love their schedule, though - fun with chalk!! (pardon the blurry-ness - I blame it on the guinness. again).

Tonight, I learned to knit. And I knit for 6 hours, only to end up with a 4" by 10" strip of limey green knit-ness. Somehow, I feel unfulfilled.

Also, Farm Boy on a saturday afternoon? Crazed. Lunatics. Never again.

La Fraise t-shirts like this one. need, or NEED?